A Life-time adventure...
Supplying raw material to Turkish industry with a capacity of 160.000 tones, Tekinplast has been one of the pioneers in raw material supply applying its quality, experience and trust on both corporate and sectoral basis.

With the experience of the past years, high trade volume and diverse product scale, Tekinplast will always be both with you and Turkish industry as it has been up to now.

We thank all our partners, customers and employees who have been with us during this 35-year adventure...
Browse the sectors where the raw materials we supply are used and product diversity.
  • 2010 EuroPlast Fuarı
  • 2011 EuroPlast Fuarı
  • 2013 EuroPlast Fuarı
  • 2014 EuroPlast Fuarı
  • 2015 EuroPlast Fuarı
  • 2016 EuroPlast Fuarı
Tekinplast is by your side to help your company grow and expand offering diverse and alternative services such as partial delivery, currency exchange support, long term, regarding finance, logistics and marketing.

Tekinplast takes over the feasibility of the raw materials that might be required according to your production in your line of business or projects. Tekinplast shares the workload by consulting and supporting in terms of production and technical issues.