In 1980, Tekinplast started raw material trading mostly based on PS in Istanbul. Through being honest, dynamic, stable, innovative, the company has grown rapidly and make a name outside of the PSA on other raw materials.

Since then, expanding its product range and the activities area in this sector, our company aims to open up to the world and has brought its distribution network upto the international level.

Tekinplast is a family company which has 160,000 tons of capacity, 60% polystyrene 40% other (ABS, PVC, PP, PE), and imports raw materials to meet up the need of the industry. Tekinplast conducts the sales services with its young, dynamic and professional team in Mall of Istanbul main office. Furthermore, with our 25.000 tons of capacity storage in Hadimkoy, Istanbul, we supply easy access to our customers for raw materials.

Our technical service department serves looking for solutions about determining the material you need, providing technical information and support about your problem by taking the ideas of our abroad experts. Tekinplast offers the most convenient payment alternative and payment terms to all your needs and recommends you the most suitable products from various countries.

Sharing information with you about future trends at the right time Tekinplast allows you to make the most advantageous supply and guarantees a comfortable working environment by providing instant adaptation to changing or emerging requirements.

Tekinplast is proud to be one of the firms with quality and meticulous work and also sought the confidence of the raw materials sector and to keep the customer satisfaction approach. Thanks to our mission and total quality management, we will be glad to see you before and after sales in our family as a member of our valued customers.