Tekinplast offers its services under four main headings as logistics, finance, sales & marketing, and warranty to secure investments of the business, in order to allow you to have quick and target-oriented growth. By continuing to offer our services before and after sales, we support you in every moment of your business, we encourage you to make high investments in cost / benefit efficiency with our business planning and technical consulting services. You can review our service headers below.


Our goal is to make your production the most efficient through our sales & marketing services and offer you an easy cost management.

We provide solutions for your needs at very different levels by offering a wide range list from approximately 20 different countries with 12 different brands of products.

We offer competitive and alternative prices fort he raw materials so that all kinds of customers can reach them.

In accordance with you production plan, we guarantee your annual cost management plan with price-fixing in the short and medium term.


If the raw materials you purchase are out of function because of non-compliance to your work or incorrect planning, we guarantee replacement with another brand.

In this way, we guarantee the production from the beginning to the end.


We increase your business productivity by providing a logistic support in order to reduce production costs.

We serve all our customers, with our 50,000 m2 storage. We eliminate one of the biggest costs, storage cost. We support your business plan delivering your stored products on time and. At any time during your production period, we help keeping the production as high as possible delivering as much goods as you specify.


By the variety of payment options and services we provide, we stop the production cost from being a burden and help production go on without pauses.

In addition to the term up to 365 days, we provide USD, EUR or TL currency options to help you make the payment.

We help you grow your business with our other financial services like bank aval policy, letters of guarentee, checks and insurance.

We guarantee trouble free experience and trust in all financial services with our 35 years of industry experience and extensive reference list.